What is the Meaning of Female Escort Service?


Everyone understands the meaning of the word “escort” differently. Some associate this term with the sexual and financial activities of young and attractive girls, which is essentially comparable to prostitution. Others think a little differently: girls simply offer their company to rich men for whom they receive a cash prize. 

Why do escorts and prostitution have different names if the girls are engaged in the same activity?

Why are rich men willing to pay a girl for company if they can communicate with anyone for free?

Let’s answer these questions and find out what is really behind the cover of the activity called “escort”. What is this and what is the significance of these services? First things.

Before you understand the definition of an escort, you need to get acquainted with interesting historical facts.

Ancient Greece – one of the few countries in which the so-called. Intimate without obligation has been especially popular for several millennia. Here, almost anyone with a decent income can use the services of young and attractive priestesses of love.

The girls, who are called Mumbai Female Escorts, really offer their company to potential clients for joint entertainment and business meetings. In this case, both the man and the woman are aware that the evening spent together will certainly end in an intimate atmosphere. However, this issue is not subject to discussion until the first proximity. What is it made for? It is very simple: to hide the obvious facts of prostitution. The man pays the girl not for intimacy, but for the escort service provided, and the intimate sequel is a supposed mutual desire of both. A very cleverly devised system that is difficult to achieve even at the legislative level: the law does not prohibit accompanying people and mutual sex.

The escort service is far different than prostitution

Escort model: appearance and inner world

Let’s finally understand what knowledge and appearance an escort should have.


  • lack of congenital or acquired defects in speech, development or appearance;
  • the absence of diseases, including visible problems with the skin, hair, teeth;
  • model height from 170 to 180 cm. But in some cases men prefer little girls;
  • well-maintained appearance: white teeth, hair, manicure, etc.
  • the presence of a modern wardrobe;
  • without overweight or anorexia.
  • Required skills, abilities and general requirements:
  • the presence of higher education or a high level of self-education, reading, literacy;
  • ability to hold a conversation on various topics: political, scientific, social and others;
  • active manifestation of qualities such as friendliness, smile, flirtation, politeness, accuracy, speed, flexibility;
  • the ability to flirt discreetly and to arouse a person’s interest in the conversation.

Elite escort: distinctive features

In Panamescorte.com, you can meet a separate category of girls who are called “purebred” ladies. Each of these women can easily become a beauty queen, book author or science candidate. This is an elite escort.

This service is complemented by the promising “VIP” note. Even in India, superb Mumbai Escort Service are offered by deeply educated women who, among other things, are distinguished by dazzling beauty and education. Only big businessmen and oligarchs can be pampered with the services of an elite escort model.


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