5 Mistakes You Must Not Do With Adult Toys



After secretly buying adult toys in Singapore for yourself, you are now wondering how to use them properly. If this is your first time, there might be many questions running through your head about the correct usage. The article lists down some mistakes you must not make that can negatively affect your experience to help you enjoy using pleasure toys.

So, here are the reminders to remember when using adult toys! 

1. You Don’t Clean the Toys

Even if you’re the only one using the panty vibrator or Lovense lush, you still need to clean the toys. It is essential to practise proper hygiene to avoid diseases. You can wash the toys after using them so it can be safe to use them again. 

2. You Are Not Using Lube

Sometimes, it’s hard to get wet enough due to various reasons. And yes, you can use lube even if you’re doing it yourself. It can make your experience with sex toys less painful because of the lube. So, remember to look for the right lube before using Lovense lush.

3. You Feel Embarrassed About Using Sex Toys

Although using sex toys is not something you can tell casually in public, it is still better not to feel embarrassed when using them for yourself. You are human, and it’s okay to feel sexual urges. Embrace your sexuality and enjoy using the Tenga sex toy guilt-free! 

4. You Share Your Toys

Yes, you can share your toy with your partner, but having multiple sexual partners might be dangerous to your health. With the rising cases of monkeypox and HIV, you must practise safe sex even if you only use sex toys for women and men. 

5. You Keep Using Toys You Don’t Enjoy

If you’re not enjoying the adult toys you’re using, you must buy a new one! Please do not waste your time using toys you don’t truly enjoy, as it can affect your overall pleasure.

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