Sexual fetishes: who is a hotwife and what does she do?


A hotwife is a woman who has sex with other men without hiding it from her husband or regular partner. It is possible that he introduces himself his woman to other men or is actively looking for candidates for her. The term «hotwife» can be found with «cuckold» often. A cuckold is a man who derives pleasure from sexual arousal by watching his wife or partner perform a sexual act. But still this is not one side of the sexual fetish.

How does interracial hotwife work?

The initiator of interracial hotwife dynamics is the man often. He really wants to watch his woman having sex with men of a different race. He is very excited by the mere thought of how much pleasure his beloved woman will receive in the arms of another man (spoiler: maybe not just one man).

Such a man is proud of his woman, her sexuality and attractiveness, so he wants to share her with others, thereby experiencing feelings of joy and satisfaction from her emotions and himself.

For some people, the idea of sharing their partner with others seems wild. Therefore, not many people dare to openly admit their sexual fantasy. But in fact, interracial hotwifing is normal kink. After all, what other men find humiliating, others may really like and excite.

A woman in an interracial cuckold relationship enjoys her sexual attractiveness, desirability and freedom. Relationships of this kind are suitable for couples in which the woman has an active sexual nature and a tendency to experiment. This way she gets freedom of action while maintaining a stable marriage or relationship.

Who is a hotwife suitable for?

The hotwife fantasy can only be successfully realized if both partners agree to such a variety of sexual life and both of them are excited by it. It is very important that the relationship in such a couple is trusting and respectful. It’s important to consider each other’s opinions here.

What can be positive about a hotwife for a woman:

  • women can realize their active sexual nature if the husband cannot satisfy her needs;
  • she can realize the wildest sexual fantasies. Not all women can admit to such revelations, but in a hotwife everything happens with the approval of her partner;
  • development of female sexuality. In a hotwifing, the husband seems to stimulate the sexuality and desirability of his woman. At the same time, she receives confirmation of this not only from her husband, but also from other partners;
  • variety of intimate life. Such hot experiments greatly transform the intimate life of a couple for the better very often. Partners’ sexual attraction to each other increases. And as we all know, sex is an important part in a happy relationship between spouses.

It is very important to share your fantasies with your partner. This builds trust and connection in the couple. Make sure that both partners are ready to go for such a hot sexual experiment as a hotwife. To do this, there must be a frank and honest dialogue between the partners. If both partners want to try hotwife, you can proceed to the next steps.

Remember that this type of relationship should not be an attempt to please your partner. If your partner feels uncomfortable just talking about hotwife topics, then you should put off continuing this conversation for a while.


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