Don’t Part With Your Personal Information On Cougar Dating Apps


Online dating has picked up steam to such a degree that every second person is on the internet, trying to hook up with attractive propositions. However, this comes with the risk of having your personal information out there for all to see and possibly misuse. You need to know how to choose a cougar dating app if you want to be assured of privacy and security, with cougar apps and cougars 0 dominating the dating field. Cougar dating worldwide is a very popular haven for many men and here is how to stay secure while you do that online;

  • Research: Everybody knows this drill- you are to conduct a simple search on Google about your potential date before meeting her. This is not implying that you become a stalker, it just means that you should have a modicum of information about your date.
  • Use a Google voice number: In order to preserve your safety, once you have initiated contact on a cougar dating app, use a Google voice phone number to hit up your date instead of your own phone number, at least in the initial few conversations. Do not give out your personal phone number on cougar dating apps.
  • Video chat before meeting: Most cougar dating apps have a provision for video chatting. Use this to get a glimpse of your potential date before you actually meet her. This reduces the risk of being cat-fished by a person who claims to be a person they are not and helps with your security to a great deal.
  • Have a phone chat before the date: It helps if you can have a conversation one you decide to transcend online dating by meeting in the flesh and bone. In order to preserve your personal information from potential scammers, you need to give your phone number to your date before divulging anything online.
  • Do not use location tags: Try to refrain from using the geo-location services that a lot of cougar dating sites provide for a faster match. It increases the risk of fraudsters and tricksters who will bend every rule to get to know personal details in a bid to scam you of your confidence and money.
  • Do not go overboard: If a conversation on the dating app takes a turn for intimacy, try not to go overboard and spill out personal details like your address and phone number because you could be setting yourself up for a scam. Exercise restraint and try to get details of the person you are chatting with before you give yours.
  • Do not give out personal information: You have to be very careful about the information you share with a potential date online. Do not give up details about places that you visit normally, the location of your family members, your birthday, and other such personal information. Take cognizance of the fact that such information can be used to harm you and the ones you hold dear.

Keep these privacy tips in mind when you are logged on to cougar dating apps and your privacy and safety are quite guaranteed.


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