How to take care of a male sex doll?


If you ever read the history of a sex doll, you will find that it was only the female dolls which were sold for the purpose of male satisfaction. The society is breaking the stereotypes and this is evident with the emergence of the male sex dolls for bringing pleasure to both men and women.  Women all throughout the world are in search for someone who can be the perfect sex partner. It has been found that stimulations and cravings for sex among women are much higher than that of men. However, if you are the girl looking for a perfect sex partner and you do not have the faith on the person you are dating, you need to get your hands on the male dolls available in the online stores.

Male dolls are rare as compared the female ones and therefore you can find them only on some of the websites. Browse the all sex dolls category and choose the one that you wish to buy. A male doll is used both by men and women and the industry is coming up with more changes and innovations in this sphere.

Ways to take care of your male love doll

The use of male dolls is very much different from that of the female ones. This is because the male dolls need intensive care and cleaning as compared to the female dolls. In this article, some of the caring tips have been shortlisted which will help you to take care of your doll like a pro.

  • Take a bath with your doll– The dicks of the male dolls have to be cleaned thoroughly frequently because it enters your vagina and the butt holes. Women are prone to urinal infections and therefore it is very important to take care of them. Also, if you are allowing your friend to use it, make sure you take a bath with them and use a soft brush to clean it gently. Do not use any harsh chemicals or brush. Practically speaking you should not allow anyone to use your doll.
  • Use lubricants when having sex– Just like you use lubricants while having sex with your boyfriend, in the same way you have to use water based lubes to make the penis of your male doll smooth and penetrable. However, if the doll is used by a gay, then the ass holes need to be lubricated because they are very tight and may cause pain while inserting.
  • Use your doll with care– Sex dolls are made up of materials like Silicon and TPE. These materials are soft and gentle and cannot withstand too much of pressure like a human being. So enjoy a hard fuck with your doll but make sure that you do not use it roughly.

These are some of the tips you should follow to take care of your doll. The sex doll market is coming up with more varieties and types of male dolls. For example, you can find male Japanese sex dolls which earlier were available only in the female sex doll category.


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